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Con was born in Gortin Bush, Co. Tyrone in 1946 but moved to Belfast as a young boy. Con Campbell’s first major work was displayed in the Ulster Museum in 1972.

His painting of Arkle for the Museum was the beginning of an adventure and relationship with the study of and painting of horses.

Con the calm and collected gentleman, has an assured nature which is reflected in his work. He has exhibited at the Oriel Gallery Dublin.

Con’s interest in painting grew steadily and his commission to paint street murals in the 80’s showed his ability to adapt to a different medium. During the “troubles” he spent time painting images of the conflict through the eyes of children.

Potent images of soldiers on patrol at night were included in his work and although not his traditional style it showed his ability to embrace and reflect the human condition.

He returned again to his first love of painting animals, particularly horses, an interest which was heavily influenced by his family. He has travelled extensively throughout Ireland studying the physiology and movement of horses.


His trait hones in on small faces and elegant long legs, often sketching the legs with a minimalist style, accentuating the lightness and speed of the animal.

The artist does not set out with a game plan and will go where the brush leads. Inspiration will suddenly grab him then the brush takes over.

His period of studying anatomy at the Ulster Museum has laid the foundation for an energy and lightness that dominates his work.